Top Reasons Why You Must Register a .IN Domain Name

.IN Domain is India’s top-level-domain on the internet. .IN is a unique symbol of India and its role in the world.

.IN Domain was officially launched in the year 2005 and is managed by INRegistry, the official .IN registry. It was appointed by the government of India and is operated under the authority of NIXI, the National Internet Exchange of India..IN is an unrestricted domain which anyone can register through any INRegistry appointed registrars.

.IN Domain provides a number of benefits making it one of the most sought after domain names on the internet.

Firstly, .IN domain gives you a unique Indian identity. In case you want to set-up your business in India or grow your foothold in the Indian markets, .IN is an ideal choice.

Secondly, .IN opens your doors to the vast market consisting of millions of Internet users in the country. According to the latest survey, there are approx. 150 Million internet users in the country as on date. Popularity of Smartphones has increased the mobile broadband usage. E-commerce is seeing a double-digit growth. These facts make India is one of the most lucrative markets for launching your online business.

Thirdly, unlike .COM or .NET, .IN is easily available. As a .COM/.NET extension might not be available for your website, registering .IN domain will make an ideal choice.

We at Net4 are currently running a huge promotion for .IN Domain names. You can now register .IN domain for Rs. 179 Only. This price is applicable across all reseller grades. This is not all! You get freebies like free wallet, DNS services, & Privacy Protection with every .IN Domain registration. Hurry as the offer closes on 3rd May 2013. So you just have 3 days to grab the offer! Log-in to your control panel to register.

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3 Things You Must Buy Using Free Wallet

Free Wallet is a unique initiative that rewards our domain resellers for doing business with us. You get free wallet for every new domain registration. So if you buy any new domain name, an amount equivalent to your  domain cost will be added to the Free Wallet. You can use Free Wallet to buy website hosting, email hosting or VPS hosting at no additional cost!

Here is a detailed powerpoint presentation to explain what Free Wallet is and How you can use it!

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Top 5 Tips To Select The Best Domain For Your Website

Choosing the right domain name for your website is an important factor that will determine the success of your business in online space. Unfortunately many people don’t think much while you register a domain and pick the one that doesn’t really help their business at all. A good domain name will give you a unique, brandable online identity that you can leverage for your business growth.

Here are a few guidelines for picking the right domain name for your business:

1. Get a .COM: As much as we say that there isn’t any difference between different domain extensions, it is well-known that .COM domain is the most popular domain worldwide with over 21 Million total registrations till date. Having a .COM domain gives your website more visibility to the customers who can easily recognize your .com website. Your customers are more likely to search your name using a .COM as its most recognized. You can try and get the best possible .COM domain name that clearly reflects your business identity.

2. Short & Simple: Avoid using too many characters in your domain. Nobody would like to type a long domain name. Your domain should be short and simple so that customers can easily recognize and remember it. Long domain names are not only difficult to type, but also easily forgettable.

3. Brandable: Make sure that your domain name is unique and truly reflects your brand. Avoid using a domain name that is too generic and can’t make your business stand out. 15 years ago nobody knew what Google was, but today is one of the most recognized brands in the world. Think of the future value of your domain. Does your domain have the ability to build a brand? Understanding this will give you an idea what domain will work best for your business.

4. Avoid Special Characters: Avoid using special characters like *, #, @ etc in your domain. This will only make it more difficult for customers to remember. No-one wants to type complex characters to open a website. Your domain should be short, simple and easy to type.

5. Use Keywords: Using keyword-rich domain name will help you in search engine rankings.  Using specific keywords in your domain will give your better visibility to the search engines, increasing organic traffic to your website. Look for keywords that your customers use to search your products. There are a number of tools that you can use to find keywords to target. Google ‘Keyword tool’ is an excellent tool that gives you keywords ideas related to your industry or location.

A good domain name will go a long way in establishing a successful online identity for your business. Do some brainstorming to get ideas for your domain. It might take a while for you to find your best domain, but it is certainly worth your time.

Did you know we have a ‘domain suggestion wizard’ that helps you get ideas for your domains? You may select your industry, region or city, your keyword & the tool will generate the list of suggested domains that you can pick from. This is an excellent tool that you can use while buying your domain on saving much of your time and effort.

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What is Free Wallet & How It Benefits Your Hosting Reseller Business?

Free-Wallet-Domain -ResellerFree Wallet is a unique initiative that rewards our domain and hosting resellers for doing business with us. Our Hosting resellers can use free wallet to offer attractive hosting plans to their customers & increase their sales and revenues. It is important to understand what free wallet is and how it can be used to make the most of this scheme. Many of our resellers are unable to use Free Wallet to its best due to lack of clarity and understanding if its use and benefits. In this post, we will discuss Free Wallet in detail.

What is free Wallet?

Free wallet is the amount you accrue on your domain purchases. So whenever you buy a domain name, an amount equivalent to the domain price is added to your free wallet balance instantly. For example, If you place an order for a .com domain for Rs. 461, the same amount (Rs. 461) will be credited to your Free wallet immediately which will show up in your account. Larger is the order value, more is the free wallet amount you get in your account.

How Free Wallet Benefits your Hosting Reseller Business:

Free Wallet is an excellent tool that can be used to maximize your profits effectively. Once you have accumulated a certain amount of free wallet balance, you may use it to buy services like Hosting, Email solutions or even Virtual Private server, all for Free! Yes, you can buy these services at no additional cost. More is the free wallet you have in your account; more are the services that you can buy for free!

How you can use Free Wallet to maximize your profits? Well, most of the customers look for a complete web solution for their businesses. So the first step will be registering a domain after which you will host it to build a website for it. Once you have bought a domain for your customer, you can buy a hosting plan using your free wallet. Not only hosting, you can also buy an email plan suiting his business requirements. You may decide on the pricing for these items as per your plans.

In case you have accumulated a good amount of Free Wallet in your account, you may also buy big ticket items like Virtual Private servers. The benefit of Free Wallet is that you can place the orders completely using your free wallet without having to pay any extra charge! Many of our resellers have used free wallet for their VPS purchases at no cost!

More is the number of domains that you register; more is the free wallet amount that you accumulate. Using Free Wallet to buy services like Hosting, email solutions, or VPS hosting, helps you not only increase sales, but make good profits too!

To know more about how free wallet can be used, visit free wallet example. To know about our various reseller plans and benefits, please visit Partner Features & Prices.

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.IN Domain Names: Your True Indian Online Business Identity

.IN domain is India’s Top Level domain. Originally launched in 2005,it is managed & operated by INRegistry which was created by  the National Internet Exchange of India. Under NIXI, .INRegistry functions as an autonomous body with the primary responsibility of maintaining the .IN ccTLD & ensuring its operational stability, reliability and security.

Currently, we, at Net4, are running a .IN Domain Promo offer for all our partners. In this Offer, you can buy .IN domain for just Rs. 179/-. You also get freebies like Free Wallet, DNS Services, Privacy Protection with every domain.

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5 Best Tips to Increase Sales for Your Domain Reseller Business

Top 3 Tips on Increasing your Domain Reseller BusinessStarting your domain reseller is very simple. All you need to just select your reseller web host, a reseller plan, and sign-up, and you are good to go! Sounds easy!  But, after you have started your business, you need to ensure that you get a steady stream of revenues, and make good sales too. Don’t worry! Generating sales and revenues is no magic. You need to have a clear plan and strategy for it, which if adhered to, will surely give you good results. Apart from that, you can use a few smart ways to make some good profits on your sales and increase your ROI.

Here are Top 5 Tips on increasing sales for your Domain Reseller Business:

1. Attractive Pricing: Your pricing will play a huge role in attracting sales. You must choose a reseller plan that offers good discounts on domains in the first place. You wouldn’t be able to sell domains at a good price if the domain registrar charges you a hefty amount. How much will the domain cost to you? What price is the customer willing to pay? What price gets you maximum profit? Understanding these factors will give you an idea how to select the best pricing that gives you the best sales & profits.

2. Regular Promos & Offers: Nothing attracts customers more than a good offer or a promo. Discount offers work best to increase your sales quickly. Organizations generally launch various discounts schemes and offers to boost up their sales during festive seasons or various other occasions. Promo offers also allow your customers to save on their purchases, which encourages them to buy more form you.

3. Features & Value added Benefits: What additional benefits are you giving to your customers? Are you just offering basic features? Do you provide customer support? Mostly customers are looking for full web solutions that aren’t just limited to domains. So you should ideally provide services like website hosting, or website designing as well for a better user experience. You wouldn’t want to turn your customer away to a competitor for services that you don’t offer. Give as many value-added features, benefits or services as you can to ensure your customer gets one-stop solution for all his requirements.

4. Marketing & Sales Activities: The amount of business that you generate also depends on how much marketing or sales activities you are doing. Your marketing activities will include: website, online advertising, SEO, social media, or offline marketing activities like participation in events, or trade shows etc.  Hire sales staff that can actively reach out to prospects, and convert them into your customers.  If you aren’t aggressive enough for marketing your business, you would be missing out on a big opportunity for growth.

5. Customer Satisfaction: Last but not the least, always aim for a high customer satisfaction. Make sure that your customers get the best experience. Provide world-class services, impeccable service quality that would ensure your customers come back to you. Use customer feedback to improve your business. Remember: acquiring a new customer is costlier than retaining one.

How have you been doing to promote your reseller business? Do share your insights below in the comments!

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Top 7 Tips To Market Your Reseller Hosting Business

So now you have set-up your web reseller business: got your business listed, got a business name and a website too. Now the main question is how to promote your business and get customers.  Promoting your business and getting those initial customers can be far more challenging than starting –up your business.

Here are a few tips on how to get on with your business out in the market and get those much-needed leads and sign-ups:

1. SEO your Website:  Being in the web hosting industry, Seo or search engine optimization wouldn’t be an unfamiliar term for you. SEO is an effective way to get your business noticed quickly at very minimal costs. It involves a number of steps to make your website show up in the SERPs (search engine result pages). All you need is to keep in mind the important SEO guidelines: keyword research, keyword targeting, website structure, SEO friendly content etc.   Once your website gets indexed and starts showing in the SERPs, you will easily start getting customers for absolutely free!

2. Paid Search Advertising: Along with SEO to improve your organic traffic, you may wish to invest in Search engine advertising (also called PPC). Paid search advertising, your ads will be shown to the customers who are looking for products similar to what you are also offering.  The customers see highly relevant that increases their chances of clicking on those ads. PPC advertising is a good way to promote your business online. You may choose your budget as per your convenience, and also optimize the performance through various tools.  As SEO is a slow process, PPC advertising will get your business noticed on the web more quickly.

3. Social Media: Create business profiles on popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Don’t forget to write a good description, use keywords and provide a link to your business website. Start conversations with your customers, know what they are seeking, their likes and dislikes, and plan your marketing strategy around these insights.

4. Get your Business Cards, Letterheads, and Envelopes ready so that your customers know that you are a serious business professional.  Don’t forget to mention your business details on all the marketing collaterals you have prepared.

5. Attend Trade Events or Conference related to your business. This will give you a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and businesses, as well as get prospects or partners for your reseller business. For example, web hosting Days event that happens every year attracts the participation of thousands of professionals and businesses belonging to hosting industry. This event is a major platform to showcase your business, build new business relationships, or partnerships, & get new customers for your hosting reseller business.

6. Print/Radio Advertising/Cable TV advertising:  Send out your press releases to local newspapers, radio stations, cable TV stations, magazines whose audience is likely to buy what you sell. Mostly, your reseller business isn’t location specific, as you can target customers of any location. However, in case you are looking for customers located nearby, you might want to advertise locally.

7. Hire Sales Personnel: Invest in a few sales guys who can go out and pitch your services to your prospects.  Make cold-calls to look for prospects, make appointments with them, and finally convert them into your customers. 

Starting-up and getting those initial few customers might be challenging for you; however it is totally worth all the effort or money you put into it. Once your business gets publicized, and your customers start trickling in, you wouldn’t have to worry much. If you provide good services and your customer are satisfied, positive word-of-mouth will attract new customers.

How have you been promoting your reseller business? What strategies have you adopted? Drop us a comment below.

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Understanding the Basics of Reseller Hosting

Back in the day we had an article explaining the differences between a shared hosting and reseller hosting. In this post we will discuss primarily about reseller hosting: what it means, types of reseller hosting India and the reseller hosting options offered by Net4. We hope this post helps you understand the nuances of reseller hosting, so that you are able to provide better customized web hosting solutions to your customers, and also optimize your reseller account.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is specifically meant for individuals who are running their hosting reseller business. Reseller hosting has a number of specific features that allow hosting resellers to provide customized hosting solutions to their clients. There isn’t any technical difference between a standard hosting (shared hosting) and a reseller hosting as both run on the shared platform; the key difference lies in the functional usability. For instance, reseller hosting allows you to share and allocate hosting space for a number of domains from the same pack unlike the standard hosting packs.

Types of Reseller Hosting:

Like any other hosting packs, you may select any hosting type depending upon the platform needed, or the purpose of use. Fundamentally, a web hosting can be taken on two platforms: Linux or Windows Hosting.  Both platforms serve specific website requirements. A hosting can also be classified as Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and VPS Hosting. Shared hosting will be suitable for websites that don’t have much traffic on them, or the ones that are mostly static. VPS hosting or a dedicated hosting is ideal in case your website gets a heavy website, or has a dynamic component on it. Depending upon the requirements of your client’s website, you can decide which hosting type will be most suitable.

Net4 Reseller Hosting Types

Net4 is India’s largest website hosting provider. We command a market leadership position for over a decade in the Indian markets serving over 4 lakh small, medium and enterprise customers and 6000 resellers worldwide. We offer a number of reseller hosting plans specially designed for resellers to enable them serve various hosting requirements of their customers. Whether you want a single domain hosting pack or a multi domain pack, the options are available in plenty. We also have a special package called ‘Power Split Packs’ that are a form of multi domain reseller hosting allowing you to host multiple domains in the same pack.

Visit our website for more information on our reseller hosting plans.

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Why Unlimited Reseller hosting isn’t always good for your Business ?

People are generally attracted to the word ‘Unlimited’. Wherever or whenever you see the word ‘unlimited’, it definitely catches your attention so much so that you immediately rush to know the details.  There are a number of service providers offering unlimited reseller hosting, claiming that you can sell as much hosting to your clients as you want, paying only a fixed sum for a specific period.  No wonder that people get swayed by these claims, only to be disappointed later, realizing that their ‘unlimited hosting’ isn’t truly ‘unlimited’.

Here are the reasons why Unlimited Reseller Hosting isn’t truly ‘Unlimited’:

1. Nothing comes free: It must always be kept in mind that there isn’t a single thing that comes totally free. Unlimited hosting, although, offers you practically as much hosting as you might need, but, there are hidden costs that come along with the offer. The hidden costs aren’t generally disclosed before you sign-up. It’s only when you have signed-up that you realize that what you actually pay is going to be much more than you thought.

2. Hidden Restrictions: Mostly the ‘unlimited’ reseller hosting comes with a number of restrictions on the fair usage. Fair usage means, that up to a certain extent you will be charged as per your plan. Once you go overboard, the charges accrue or the performance of your website starts deteriorating. Hidden restrictions are generally around bandwidth or data transfer. So for example, you have taken a hosting space of 500MB for a customer, and the customer uses much more than the set limit of bandwidth, the site will simply stop working.

3. Lack of Infrastructure:  Generally, the providers claiming to offer unlimited hosting don’t have sufficient infrastructure to support so much of the traffic load. This affects the quality and the performance of your website negatively. So long as your website is getting a low traffic, it works fine. Once the website gets a sudden spike in traffic, performance deteriorates drastically. So your site will either stop working altogether, or will become very slow.

So next time you see any hoarding or an ad with someone offering an unlimited hosting space at rock-bottom prices, stay calm and don’t get excited. Keep in mind the points we discussed above, and remember the real story behind such claims. As a web reseller, there can’t be anything more important than providing quality services to your customers and a good customer experience. You wouldn’t want to risk that by offering them a sloppy service that comes unbelievably cheap or ‘unlimited’!

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Become a Net4 Domain Reseller

Net4, India’s largest Web Hosting Provider and Domain Name Registrar, offers attractive discounts and offers to Domain resellers. As a Net4 Domain Domain Reseller, you can sell over 20 gTLDs, and 180 ccTLDs to your domestic as well as international clients. Get a number of freebies like free Wallet, DNS services, and Privacy Protection with every domain registration. Here are top 7 reasons why you should become a Net4 Domain reseller:

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